December 26, 2015

Total Coach

What is a Total Coach?

As you know, there are coaches and there are coaches.  The universe is a big place.  Though the world can seem small at times, there are many different people in it doing all sorts of different things.  You fit in.  And I fit in.  To decide if we should work together to advance elements of your scenario, you need to know key details about me as a total coach.  Let’s start with what a total coach is…

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A Total Coach is not making a claim to be perfect OR near to perfection.  Humility is especially important in humanity because of the flaws we share and our own unique flaws that are part of us.

If you need a new coach for your athletics team, I am probably not a good fit because I don’t do that at this time.  It would be fun and rewarding, but I have to keep a fairly tidy schedule.  A coach of an athletics team such as soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, wrestling, track, cross-country running, etc, is a specific coaching application.

Other specific coaching applications include all sorts of teachers from myriad styles of art, writing, public speaking, to every type of industry work trainers like masons, equipment operators, financial planners – there are coaches everywhere, and they are great resources.

A TOTAL COACH is different.

There are many types of counselors, but these are different again from a total coach.  Many countries have specific licensing boards that categorize the training and types of counselors.  Similarly, life coaches are categorized by training and a variety of attributes.

A Total Coach may provide areas of specific coaching along with the total coaching they provide.

Here is the simple explanation of what a Total Coach is:

A Total Coach is taking you to the right destination and is not distracted by anything in their own life (present or past).  This, in it’s own right, and by itself, is a rare qualification that a Total Coach brings to your service.

A Total Coach helps you succeed in being your best self rather than making you emulate behavior patterns in an external way.  The ability of the Total Coach to see your true inner being is a special attribute and qualification of all total coaches everywhere.

A Total Coach has very strong understanding and empathy.  They can hear you very well and understand what you are communicating by word, whether spoken or written.

A Total Coach has a direct knowledge of the true principles of life and can assist you in fulfilling aspects of your way in life as a human being while maximizing the validity of your opportunities.

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Meet Total Coach, Mr Guy Masterson:

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Biographical Sketch:

There are many ways that a person can ride the waves of life and arrive at being a total coach to other people.  Mr Masterson was born in Bologna, Italy – the northern city of wonderful food.  He grew up in downtown Philadelphia in the United States of America.  People familiar with such nuances marvel at the fact that he has no Philly accent despite consuming vast amounts of the awesome Philly pretzel!

The highly ranked honors program at Guy’s high school allowed him to fulfill many academic goals while achieving the colorful accomplishments of being student council president, co-captain of varsity basketball, cartoonist for the school newspaper, varsity lacrosse Letterman and homecoming king.

At Brown University, Mr Masterson underwent several life-way changes.  He transitioned from team sports to martial arts for the purpose of learning skills that translate into a life-long hobby.  This was a big change.  Having thoroughly experienced the academic opportunities afforded by a top world university over a 2 1/2 year period, Guy chose to enter a very special mentoring program that enabled learning of types that higher education could not quite reach.

Mr Masterson currently is the owner of several companies that offer consulting of a variety of types as well as firearm training that features positive environments.  He and his wife of more than 20 years live in America.

Total Coach is an offering of Xcom Inc., that is the short name for Executive Command Dynamics Inc., of Colorado.

As a Total Coach, Guy has several specific attributes that you may enjoy: he is relentlessly positive in attitude and sense of possibility, his communication abilities are surprisingly good, he believes in the success of others and is very patient while also being effective at providing motivating guidance and game-changing perspectives and strategy – and most importantly, Guy can put your benefit ahead of his own interests.

Message to potential Coachee:

The essential secret to know about me

is that I respect your courage to be yourself.

Myself, I am also a Coachee, as I have several coaches and advisors that help me fulfill my purposes.

These professional supports and enrichers of my offerings are sources to me, like I can be for you.

There are many circumstances wherein I can be very useful.

Thank you for considering entering into a total coach association with me.

To receive the password to view the total coach agreement

available on this website – send me an email

with some insight into what you might be looking for!

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A Note On Motivation

There are applications that I can help you with through other offerings of Executive Command Dynamics if you sometimes do need motivating.  Total Coach is for people who actually nearly never need pushing.  To clarify – there is a kind of pushing that is essential to coaching.  Becoming draggy or overly resistant to doing the right thing is a tendency that makes a Coachee difficult or impossible to coach successfully at higher echelons.  People who are unclear about their values tend to have periods of flagging motivation.  People who know what they stand for through thick and thin, in fair weather and foul, when the circus is in town and when the circus is not in town, tend to show consistency in strong self-motivation.  Stable motivation is the platform of vision fulfillment.

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